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Recorded over two days at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN, the EP was produced by Low’s Alan Sparhawk. Older brothers, Brothers from other mothers, Summer, Friends, alcohol, drugs, and a touch of Boredom.

Guillen’s soulful vocals backed by Adams’ intense harmonies add a fierce punch to Guillen’s songwriting.

“By nature, we’re hunters and gathers, spending each day looking for next meal.

It’s easy to be lazy when you don’t have to come up with something creative right away.” His creativity continues with a new tour in support of PACKS A WALLOP!

Whereas his last two albums, The Moon is Disgusting (2006) and Songs in the Key of Beotch (2000, re-released in 2004) were created from songs that he had already performed, That 1 Guy went into The Zone with nothing but ideas, sleeping on a mattress upstairs so he could sneak in to the studio whenever he felt inspired.