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Who is ant and dec dating

The presenting pair continued their running joke about former footballer Dennis Wise's height, but the situation took an unfriendly turn. Dec forced Ant to see that "little Dennis Wise" was a small man on the TV, but even smaller than "small man" Dec who also appears on TV screens.

" Iain won't be in a hurry to revisit the Bush Blaster after he chafed his testicles during the trial.

And they always seem to coordinate." Ant and Dec have been entertaining us ever since they appeared on Byker Grove as the loveable PJ and Duncan.

Our fav duo went on to become pop stars and host their own TV shows.

In his first interview since finishing rehab earlier this month, Ant spoke about how a 2014 knee injury and a battle with depression contributed to a serious prescription drug addiction.. The doctors told me, 'You could have killed yourself'."I was insane. It was to the point of hearing things, seeing things in the garden and still the pain was getting worse.

I was depressed through the whole thing because I was in pain and immobile."While he was in recovery, both "When someone has the courage to own it, deal with it, made a public statement, we would a million per cent support him," Cowell said. He's got great people around him and also he's got a great family around him.

Their earnings were recently made public through Companies House paperwork for their firms Deecourt Ltd, Teecourt Ltd and Hurley Promotions.

The pair earned £79,000 a day between them last year - that's £29.5 million in 12 months.

Hoping to poke fun at Stanley Johnson's poor aim from an earlier task, Ant and Dec had planned to tease that the former politician had since been practicing.