Start Problems with abx guide updating

Problems with abx guide updating

Amniotic sac and fluid play an important role in the labour process and usually remain intact until the end of labour.

Bear in mind that these studies were done in hospitals which are not the best setting when attempting to avoid infection.

However, the stats for first-time mothers are not separated out.

This is frustrating because induction increases the chance of caesarean significantly for first time mothers (see this post).

Infected babies are much more likely to have a poor Apgar score and require resuscitation at birth.

The review goes on to state that: “…evidence about longer-term effects on children is needed.” And there is increasing evidence about the risks of the induction process for babies that needs to be considered by women when making a decision.

You can read more about research bias in maternity care in this post.

Outcomes: induction vs waiting Indeed all of the evidence in the review was rated ‘low quality’ except the evidence demonstrating no difference in the rate of death for babies between inducing vs waiting (this was the only ‘moderate quality’ research).

Women who have previously given birth have no increased chance of caesarean with induction.