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Musical dating lonely adult dating

Friendship, love and professional lives are also well explored, although as you can imagine, none of them in an ideal, truly rewarding way.

I was so involved with the demanding story that I was literally shocked as I exited the dark theater to see other people lined up for the next movie at the Fant Asia festival.

After a viewing experience like this, I found myself surprised that there could be more movies after that or, possibly, that there may be anything after that! "Memories" is not a movie you just eat up and leave, you really need to settle and digest before you can truly understand and internalize.

It explores the meaning of life and asks very interesting questions.

It does so while treating life's inevitable tragedies with humour and gaiety.

Casting needs: 3 men and 1 women (ages 40-70 years old), please email a photo.

Looking to cast four roles for upcoming short film, CONVERSION THERAPIST, written and directed by Bears Fonte ( produced by Megan Leonard ( and Brad Wilke ( and shot by Jacob Rosen ( filming in the Seattle area August 21-27th.

including African American lead roles and members of the Harlem Ensemble. AUDITION DATE: Saturday, March 4th EMAIL CODY HOLLIDAY HAEFNER TO SCHEDULE AUDITION: [email protected] will be provided when audition is scheduled.

BREAKDOWN John - Male, 20s to early-30s - Paralyzed by indecision about who and what he wants.

It follows the hardship-laden life of Matsuko through the gradual discoveries of her nephew and the people he encounters.

It is extreme in content and in appearance, but touches very true and deep feelings & fears within all of us.

CONVERSION THERAPIST is an ultra-violent horror short with an LGBT edge, think HARD CANDY meets HOSTEL, in which a couple of girls kidnap a pray-the-gay-away minister and torture him until he will admit his own hypocrisy. Casting for 'The Sticks,' a horror-comedy web series for young teens.