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Violence is portrayed more or less realistically, so you'll see blood, serious injuries, and heavy flames.

His studies completed and his admission to the bar secured, Morris’s thoughts and desires turned toward Europe and foreign travel.

“To rub off in the gay circles of foreign life a few of those many barbarisms which characterize a provincial education; to form some acquaintances that may hereafter be of service to me, to model myself after some persons who cut a figure in the law,” were some of the reasons he gave his friend William Smith for wishing to go abroad.

American adventure following the firefighters, rescue squads and paramedics of Firehouse 51, a team that charges head-first into situations that others flee from - but whose members do not always see eye to eye.

Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Eamonn Walker and Charlie Barnett star Parents need to know that Chicago Fire follows a group of men and women working in a dangerous occupation that invites injury and even death.

” When the crisis finally came, Morris, illustrating the justice of Madison’s subsequent eulogy of him, namely, that “to the brilliancy of his genius was added what is too rare, a candid surrender of his opinions, when the lights of discussion satisfied him,” came promptly forward to aid his country in the struggle, and from that moment he was to be found among the patriots who were bravest and most constant.

He was already an expert in finance, and at once rendered most efficient service in drawing up a plan to raise money for the expenses of the army, and other military operations.

His dignity and persuasive manner strongly appealed to the sympathy of his audience, and the young orator of twenty-three carried off the honors of the day.

The report as it came from his pen was forwarded to the Continental Congress and adopted without amendment or change.

With no political principles to advance or maintain, and with no hero of romance or of the sword upon whose merits to descant, my effort was simply to cull, from a voluminous manuscript, all the varied and striking incidents in the world of politics in the cabinet, and of society in the boudoir and salon; and, by the light of the keen delineations of character, so full of the Americans will doubtless accord a ready sympathy to a man who was truly an American, and at a time when thus to proclaim his principles attested an independence careless of unpopularity. When quite a child he was placed in the family of Monsieur Tetar, at New Rochelle; and here he laid the foundation of a thorough knowledge of the French language, which, in after life, he spoke and wrote with much fluency and correctness.

Possibly, too, our kindred over seas may find something of interest in the career of one who, though a rebel against England, spent the best years of his life assisting in the formation of a government under which the poor of the earth might find an asylum, and whose views were consistently “favorable to the peace and happiness of mankind.” Gouverneur Morris. In 1768 Morris graduated at King’s College (now Columbia), and immediately after graduating he studied law in the office of William Smith, afterwards Chief Justice of the Province of New York, but better known as Colonial historian of the State.

Sexual content is mostly banter and innuendo, with some kissing and bare skin but no sensitive parts. Characters smoke cigarettes, drink socially, and use prescription drugs.