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Free datings sites in europe

France has been having a lot of trouble from Al Qaeda in North Africa of late.

We know North Korea had ties to Iraq, Iran, and Syria back in 1992 and planned to begin a world war, but plans were abandoned when North Korean leader Kim Il-sung became gravely ill (he eventually died in July 1994).

It would be no surprise if North Korea retains ties with Iran and Syria and also has established new ones with Al Qaeda, including Al Qaeda in North Africa.

Also, a pope will be forced to flee the Vatican and Rome when a bright star blazes in the sky for seven days.

Could this be Comet ISON, due to arrive in November 2013?

Not in any modern historical context has this situation ever occurred.

How can anyone be sure that such an evil little punk like Kim Jong-Un will not be true to his threats???

The southern French city of "Marseilles" will "be tried": possibly by terrorism; possibly by a world war; and possibly by rioting and civil war if the Eurozone crisis deepens to such an extent that Europe undergoes a violent Euro Spring similar to the worst aspects of Arab Spring in Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

Meantime, "the West" (the United States and/or the United Kingdom) will be holding some sort of talks or negotiations.." That could have been the period between Good Friday and Easter, which is why I started and then stopped work on this article and this website.

The major prophecy pages of my site, otherwise known as the Almanacs, feature predictions I have arrived at using my own personal systems of divination.

In a number of instances, these predictions are supported by prophecies from other sources: Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, and others.

He also predicts assassination or murder for several popes, one of whom may have been John Paul I in 1978.