Start 50 to 60 years old aduly online chat

50 to 60 years old aduly online chat

Went a few days after Christmas for 5 nights and returned a few days after New Years.

It was our first time in the Dominican Republic and we enjoyed this resort immensely!

The beach was beautiful and the pools were well-maintained.

We enjoyed having a separate adult pool and found the staff to be friendly and helpful.

Overall, as a first-timer at an all-inclusive, I got the impression we were being herded around.

However, the VIP beach was sometimes occupied by folks who did not have the updated VIP bracelets and security was not uniform at reinforcing exclusivity. As a result, the line of people waiting to place their names on the list snaked out the door. So you can order it separetly or call the customer service and they will help you with that. We had 8 people in our group, booking 4 rooms, but all coming from a total of 3 different cities.

The pools were lovely but not enough lounges to go around if you didnt get up early to reserve them. The food at the sit down options in general were inferior to those available at the dinner buffets. All people are included in the package no matter how we set up the rooms.

My husband and I would love an all inclusive vacation, but wonder how much more money do you need to bring (other than sovieners)?